[vsnet-alert 10307] Re: VY Aqr superhumps

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Dear Colleagues !
I also confirme the amplitude for this outburst abou 0.25 from observations
which was amde last night July 2. More informations are here - the light

Best regards,
Lubomir Urbancok
SAO Observatory Sid, SLOVAKIA
Slovak union of amateur astronomers

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Subject: [vsnet-alert 10306] VY Aqr superhumps

  VY Aqr superhumps:

  Kiyota-san's observation on July 2 showed developed superhumps
with amplitude of ~0.25 mag.  From the observations up to now
(Maehara-san, Kyoto team - Ohshima-san, and Kiyota-san), the object
experienced a precursor outburst on June 30, followed by a shallow dip
and subsequent brightening (as reported by Maehara-san) associated
with growing superhumps.  Further detailed analysis will be presented
by Ohshima-san.

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