[vsnet-alert 10315] VY Aqr superhumps update

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Jul 10 01:44:21 JST 2008

VY Aqr superhumps update

  We have received VY Aqr observations from S. Kiyota, H. Maehara, Okayama
University of Science, Roland Santallo, Berto Monard, Pierre de Ponthiere,
and Kyoto University obtained between 30th of Jun. and 7th of July.
 Though the earliest data (30th of Jun) shows the double peak maximum 
clearly, these data also shows this double peak was weakened rapidly 
(within several orbital periods). This implies the interesting aspect of
the early state.
 The data obtained after the precursor outburst ended, or between 2nd and
7th of July, show the periodic modulations. With PDM method, the period
of this object is 0.06439(2)d. The O-C curve seems to imply the superhump
derivative is positive.

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