[vsnet-alert 10331] Re: John Greaves act of identity theft - now confirmed

Martin Nicholson newbinaries at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 17 14:06:55 JST 2008

I can promise you two things. This will be my only posting on this topic and it will be a great
deal shorter than John's.

In recent months I have received a lot of anonymous hate mail that clearly has its origins with
John Greaves - previous to that the hate mail was just as frequent but signed. Sometimes I would
get 3 or 4 such emails in a day. 

More recently John started adding his anonymous contributions to Google Groups. This time with
the variation that he copied my long-term user identity within his postings and "signed" it with
my name. John has a long history of making personal attacks on people and he has got himself into
serious bother with moderators for it. Indeed quite recently several other (likely) readers of
vsnet-alert have been mentioned by name in a way not calculated to please them.

Reading John Greave's postings to this and other variable star newsgroups and then trying to
answer all the, endlessly repeated, attacks contained in them incurs the risk of being so
time-consuming that it takes over one’s life completely, leaving none for more enjoyable
activities. On the other hand, not answering them incurs the even greater risk that some readers
may think that his points are unanswerable and/or that variable star astronomy rests on a fragile

The final and most curious issue is that John appear quite content to publically "name and shame"
people or organisations that displease him but when his name appears within a blog or as part of
the domain name of a Frequently Asked Questions web site he complains.

The end.

Martin Nicholson
Daventry, UK

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