[vsnet-alert 10344] Re: FW: XMM-Newton discovers the star that everyone missed (on V598 Pup = Nova Pup 2007 #2)

Wolfgang Renz w_renz at onlinehome.de
Sat Jul 19 21:14:36 JST 2008

Thats on V598 Puppis (Nova Pup 2007 #2). So its not really new.
There is an other, more detailed version of the below ESA report

The X-ray transient was announced on 16 Nov 2007 using XMM slew
data taken on 8 October 2007. So that was already 3 weeks late:

Not everyone missed it (so the headline is somewhat misleading).
For the precovery ASAS data see:

Clear skies

Wolfgang Renz, Karlsruhe, Germany
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>> XMM-Newton has discovered an exploding star in the Milky Way. Usually 
>> that would be important in itself, but this time there is a special twist. 
>> Calculations show that the explosion must have been clearly visible to the 
>> unaided eye but was missed by the legions of star watchers around the 
>> planet.
>> More at:
>> http://www.esa.int/esaSC/SEMH9HWIPIF_index_0.html

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