[vsnet-alert 10364] VY Aqr later stage

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Jul 24 03:42:52 JST 2008

VY Aqr superhumps update

  We have received VY Aqr observations from H. Maehara, Okayama University 
of Science, Berto Monard, and Kyoto University obtained after the decline
(16th of July). These data shows the short-time variations. Thi object
shows 'rebrightening' on 21th of July.
between 30th of Jun. and 7th of July.
 With PDM method, the period of this object is 0.06445(6)d. If this period
is true, the period of this object is slightly (though very slightly) longer
than the ordinary superhump. We need more obseravaions to confirm if this 
period is true.
 Comparing this period with the light curve, the double peak is developing
before the rebrightening and weakened after the rebrightening.

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