[vsnet-alert 10371] DO Vul superhumps

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jul 27 10:19:46 JST 2008

DO Vul superhumps:

   Kyoto team (observer: Ohshima-san) has been observing DO Vul since
July 23.  On July 23, superhumps were not prominent yet.  Since July 24,
clear superhumps were present.  The best period determined from two-night
basis is 0.0590(1) d, although the one-day aliases cannot be excluded.
This period is shorter than that (0.065 +/- 0.006 d) reported by Vanmunster
during the 2005 superoutburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 4568).
The light curve suggests that the period was longer on July 24,
probably because of the early stage evolution of superhumps.
Further observations, preferably from different longitudes, are very
strongly needed to establish the superhump period and its time-evolution.
As judged from the above period and relatively long time-delay in the
appearance of superhumps, the object may belong to a group of
moderately large-amplitude SU Uma-type dwarf novae.

Please send your time-series observations to:
vsnet-campaign-report at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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