[vsnet-alert 10385] J183556+222640 = ATEL 1637 dwarf nova, possible superoutburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Jul 30 09:52:09 JST 2008

Re: ATEL 1637 - so good, they found it twice!

   The object was given an identifier J183556+222640 (vsnet-obs 21464).
USNO-based chart was made available in vsnet-chart 179.

   The 1999 outburst faded at a rate of 1.1 mag/d, and was fainter
than the present outburst by 1.3 mag.  The long duration of the
present outburst, together with an earlier short outburst, suggests
that the object is currently undergoing a superoutburst.
Time-resolved photometry is encouraged!

J183556+222640 20080717.35 <188C KAI
J183556+222640 20080721.33 166C KAI
J183556+222640 20080722.32 165C KAI
J183556+222640 20080724.31 168C KAI
J183556+222640 20080725.32 169C KAI

   The object may enter the rapid fading stage in several days,
so prompt observations will be a key in detecting possible superhumps!

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