[vsnet-alert 10479] Re: Possible Nova And 2008 is UGWZ type CV (OT_J020025.4+441019)

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Sep 2 09:49:28 JST 2008

> Subject: [vsnet-alert 10478] Possible Nova And 2008 is UGWZ type CV

> Photometry of the object obtained by T. Kryachko, S. Korotkiy, D. Denisenko
> and  B. Satovskiy with 8.0-cm f/7.5 ED-refractor (+ SBIG ST-2000XM) at
> KSU's Astrotel Observatory (Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia) during
> JD 2454711.343 - 2454711.434 clearly shows a humped light curve with
> an amplitude of 0.13m and a period of 0.055(1)d which is typical for
> cataclysmic variables of UGWZ type.

   Congratulations!  I was just writing on this object and saw this message.
There seems to be some indication of early superhumps? (double maxima?)

The object is located at:
02 00 25.40 +44 10 18.7 (CBAT's unconfirmed observations page)

And has a GSC-II counterpart
02 00 25.44	+44 10 19.1	j=21.16

   So, the outburst amplitude is more than 8 mag!

   Please use the name OT_J020025.4+441019 for reporting.

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