[vsnet-alert 10521] V466 And: still showing early superhumps

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 10 12:50:06 JST 2008

V466 And: still showing early superhumps

   We have received further data from Nakajima-san (two nights),
Itoh-san, Maehara-san (two nights), Higashi Hiroshima University team,
Jani Virtanen and Kyoto team (Ohshima-san).

   The data up to Sep. 9 still show double-humped early superhumps,
although the relative strengths of the peaks slightly vary from night
to night.  The best determined period of early superhumps is
0.056395(7) d.

   As judged from other well-observed WZ Sge-type dwarf novae, we might
expect a drastic change in the superhumps (and/or in the general light
curve) in coming days.  Please keep the current very excellent coverage!

Data reporting:
vsnet-campaign-report at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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