[vsnet-alert 10533] V383 Sco eclipse

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 17 13:09:42 JST 2008

V383 Sco eclipse

   From the ASAS-3 data, I noticed that the long-period eclipsing binary
V383 Sco experienced a deep eclipse (>2 mag) in 2007-2008.
The mid-eclipse was around JD 2454480 (2008 Jan. 14).  This eclipse
occurred 170 d earlier than the GCVS ephemeris (see also BAA VSS Circ.
No. 130).  The eclipse center was probably below the ASAS detection
limit.  The profile of the eclipse resembles that of EE Cep, suggesting
that a disk-like body eclipsed the primary (as proposed in epsilon Aur).
The ascending branch from the eclipse was stepwise, suggesting the
presence of an asymmetric structure in the occulting body.
It is unfortunate that the event appears to have been just over
very recently!  The object apparently show pulsations outside eclipses,
just as in epsilon Aur -- perhaps it would be a "twin" object to
epsilon Aur.

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