[vsnet-alert 11712] TT Ari: Large Variations

Ivan Andronov tt_ari at ukr.net
Mon Dec 7 07:28:10 JST 2009

TT Ari: Large Variations 

Taichi Kato ([vsnet-alert 11711] TT Ari active again) noted that "According to Itoh-san's observation on Dec. 5, TT Ari became active
again after a week of (mostly?) quiescent period." Peter Nelson ([vsnet-campaign-dn 6576] 091206 TT Ari) reported that "TT Ari is still bright"

We have made time series (HJD 2455171.55 - .59) using the 
Telescope: Ritchey-Chretien 16" + SBIG STL-6303
Filters: VR
Exposure: 120 s
Tzec Maun observatory, USA

The brightness varied from 15.37 to 16.49 (V), 15.16-16.27 (R).

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