[vsnet-alert 11731] Re: CSS CV naming convention

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Dec 14 12:25:51 JST 2009

Let's move to vsnet-chat.

> It is true that in the past AAVSO reporting conventions and software
> required a ten character limit, but this is no longer the case, so we
> and all our observers are able to conform to the proper naming of CVs
> discovered in outburst for the first time by the Catalina Sky Survey,
> as well as the full SDSSJxxxxxx.xx+xxxxxx.x names when reporting
> observations.

   Please follow this unabbreviated scheme.

see also [vsnet-alert 11302]

> Recent instances occur where a professional astronomer sees the need to
> distance the source from a discovery and used the excuse that his
> spreadsheet column couldn't cope with the width of the name the other
> professionals, the discoverers, were using.  It's getting a bit
> commonplace is this sort of behaviour.

   This practice of ten character limit (which appeared in a personal e-mail
discussion with George Djorgovski) was confused with a professional's
custom at least once, and was somehow exposed to J.G.

   Since it was already discussed shortly ago, I don't want to continue
the debate (and reappearance of a flood of JG postings here) but repeat
the essence.

   A quote from Djorgovski's words:

> The IAU has suggestions - not rules - about naming sources, and has none
> whatsoever about naming events.

   It is clear that the CSS nomenclature (at least by its original intention)
refers to events rather than sources.  This probably explains Yamaoka-san's
attitude in [vsnet-outburst 10831].  The acronym "CSS" was already used
and we had to avoid using a (likely more authentic) abbreviation such as
CSS Jhhmmss+ddmmss.  It is a pity these CSS transients are not yet
incorporated into ADS/Simbad possibly due to the same reason or incompatibility
with the IAU naming scheme (we hope the GCVS team could resolve this
situation by assigning permanent GCVS names as early as possible).

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