[vsnet-alert 11831] Possible Nova in Scorpius

walcom77 walcom77 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 07:13:12 JST 2010

Following the posting on the Central Bureau's unconfirmed-objects
webpage about a possible nova in Sco, on February 22.8, 2010 we
performed some follow-up of this object remotely through through a
0.40-m, f/3.8 reflector + CCD, from GRAS Observatory (Moorook,

On our images we can confirm the presence of an optical counterpart
with unfiltered CCD magnitude about 10.1 (UCAC2 Catalogue reference
stars) at coordinates:

R.A. = 17 06 07.50, Decl.= -37 14 27.7
(equinox 2000.0; UCAC2 catalogue reference stars)

Our confirming image of this transient and an animation showing a
comparison between our image and the archive DSS plate:



Ernesto Guido & Giovanni Sostero

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