[vsnet-alert 12023] SDSS J090350.7+330036.1 rapid fading

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Jun 5 10:04:30 JST 2010

SDSS J090350.7+330036.1 rapid fading

Enrique de Miguel Agustino report:

(June 3-4)
              Captured two eclipses. The object has clearly left the
              plateau regime and is fading at a larger rate.
              Mean magnitude has increased 0.50 mag in the last
              48 hours.
              The superhump period is seen to follow a decreasing trend.

              Mid-eclipse ephemeris:

              HJD = 2455340.3822(2) + 0.0590731(18) * E

(June 4-5)
              As expected, this object is going to 
              quiescence at a fast rate. It has faded by 0.70 mag
              since yesterday. No attempt is made to include
              this run into the calculation of P_sh, due to the dispersion
              in the data. 

              Mid-eclipse ephemeris

              HJD = 2455340.3822(2) + 0.0590729(17) * E

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