[vsnet-alert 12025] Re: OT_J112253.3-111037 = CSS100603:112253-111037

Hiroyuki Maehara maehara at kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jun 6 08:37:00 JST 2010

 Tom Krajci has reported time-series photometry of the object.
I also succeeded in observing this object on June 3 and 5. The data 
shows superhumps with an amplitude of ~0.1 mag. A PDM period analysis 
for the combined data yields the period of 0.04543(8)d.

 John Greaves informed me about a quiescence spectrum of the object 
in the SDSS DR7.
The spectrum shows Balmer-series and He I emission lines.

These features indicate that the obejct is a hydrogen-rich CV resembling 
V485 Cen, EI Psc or OT J102842.9-081927.  Further time-resolved observations 
are strongly encouraged.

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