[vsnet-alert 12028] Re: OT J213806.6+261957: late-stage superhumps

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Jun 9 12:56:07 JST 2010

Re: OT J213806.6+261957: late-stage superhumps

   We have received further large-amount of data.  The contributing observers
up to now are Maehara-san, Enrique de Miguel, Okayaka U. of Sci. team,
Higashi Hiroshima Obs. team, Akazawa-san, Kiyota-san, Irina Voloshina,
Osaka Kyoiku U. team, Pavol Dubovsky, Mike Simonsen, Gianluca Masi,
Javier Ruiz and Itoh-san.

   The late-stage superhumps have become even more prominent and
with regularly recurring profiles (the periodicity has become more evident).
The mean period has been 0.054904(5) d.

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