[vsnet-alert 12174] RX J1715.6+6856 outburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 15 14:22:23 JST 2010

   According to Ian Miller (via BAAVSS alert), the SU UMa-type dwarf nova
RX J1715.6+6856 (171541.77 +685643.0) is undergoing an outburst.
The object underwent a superoutburst in 2009 August, but the only later
part was observed (superhumps with a period of 0.0708 d were recorded).
The current outburst may well be a superoutburst.

From: Ian Miller <furzehillobservatory at hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 04:26:53 +0000
Subject: [baavss-alert] 1RXS J171541.5+685632 in outburst

16.0C @20100915.162 UT.

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