[vsnet-alert 12199] SDSS J080434.20+510349.2 light curve on Sep. 24.95-25.10 UT

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 15:58:10 JST 2010

Full (min-to-max) amplitude has grown to 0.3m last night.

720 fifteen-sec unfiltered exposures with 200-mm Newtonian reflector
and Meade DSI Pro II:


Vmag of comparison star TYC was taken to be 11.30. Data sent to Taichi
Kato by a separate E-mail.

Note the remarkable dip by almost 0.1m (the aforementioned grazing
eclipse?) at the raising branch of the lightcurve.

A very interesting object indeed!

Best regards,

Den in Moscow

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