[vsnet-alert 12462] V406 Hya bright outburst!

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Dec 7 09:37:18 JST 2010

V406 Hya bright outburst!

   CRTS has detected a very bright outburst (the recent bright outburst
at g=14.8 in 2009 Dec., ATEL 2334) of this helium dwarf nova
(also known as SN 2003aw) with superhumps.
The quiescent magnitude is about 20.3V.

1012060040494101697 2010-12-06T10:00:57 2010-12-06T09:51:05 09 05 54.74 -05 36 07.9 15.05 14.96 14.96 15.01 http://nesssi.cacr.caltech.edu/catalina/20101206/1012060040494101697.html

   The object showed a superoutburst with WZ Sge-like rebrightenings
in 2004.  See the reference below:


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