[vsnet-alert 12477] M31N 2010-12a = PT And outburst

Hiroyuki Maehara maehara at kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Dec 10 10:49:58 JST 2010

 According to K. Nishiyama and F. Kabashima, M31N 2010-12a (cf. CBET 2574)
can be identified with a UGSU candidate PT And. They reported observations
of the object as follows:

20101128.49230 <19.8C
20101129.59135 <19.8C
20101201.49024  16.4C
20101203.48986  15.8C
20101204.51060  16.0C
20101205.48220  16.2C
20101209.49639  16.8C

 Follow-up observations are needed to judge whether it is a foreground 
SU UMa-type dwarf nova or an unusual recurrent nova in M31.

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