[vsnet-alert 12584] Re: possible new object?

Seiichi Yoshida comet at aerith.net
Mon Jan 10 10:19:32 JST 2011

Dear colleagues,

Gianluca Masi, Brian Skiff and Nick James, thank you very much for
your observations and researches on this object!

Now the object is confirmed, so we assign a new number of the MISAO
Project new variable stars to this object, as MisV1443.


  R.A.  06h19m59s.96
  Decl. +19o26'59".0  (2000.0)
  Mag.  14.3-<16.4C	
  Type  CV?

I received a new image from Nick James. Here you can see the image:


Youichirou Nakashima could also confirm this object on Jan. 9.84
(UT), although it was extremely low and poor condition to measure the

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida
comet at aerith.net

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