[vsnet-alert 12625] OT J091936.6-055519 = Catalina transient

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Jan 15 13:52:00 JST 2011

OT J091936.6-055519 = Catalina transient

   CRTS has detected a rapidly brightening (or strong intranight) object
(=CSS110114:091937-055519).  According to CRTS page, this object is
classified as a CV.  The object has a GALEX UV counterpart
(FUN=19.77, NUV=18.92).  The object was likely in outburst (if it is a CV)
in 2MASS (mag about 16).
Follow-up observations are encouraged.

1101140070504144585 2011-01-14T08:55:54 2011-01-14T08:42:00 09 19 36.57 -05 55 18.9 16.63 16.34 16.07 15.98 http://nesssi.cacr.caltech.edu/catalina/20110114/1101140070504144585.html

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