[vsnet-alert 12629] OT J043112.5-031452: superhump period and eclipses

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jan 16 04:17:29 JST 2011

OT J043112.5-031452: superhump period and eclipses

 Additionally, observations of this object has been reported
by Kiyota-san. Observations ever reported apparently two types
of variations; superhumps and eclipses.
 Using the data in which data in eclipses are omitted, we 
yielded 0.0675(14) d as superhump period. Meanwhile, the period
of eclipses seems to be 0.0668(9) d.
 With these data, the superhump derivative is estimated at
1.1%.  Although the error is too large, this value is rather small.
This object might be a system having degenerating secondary.
To confirm this possibility, more observations are needed.
Continued observations are encouraged.

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