[vsnet-alert 12657] Re: SN 2011B bright

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Jan 18 13:44:55 JST 2011

> Although the object looks colourless at this stage, Wenzel's magnitude is 
> given as C on that page so a direct comparison could be misleading.

   In vsnet-obs 69407, Wenzel reported visual observations, and the
reported time is different from the one on Bishop's page.

   To all observers (I have privately asked to Wenzel):

Could you please report in fraction of day, rather than hour and minute?
(and correcly specify the band/method as Sebastian has pointed out)

   The preferred format is as follows:

(if they are visual)
NGC1275    20110116.747 132 KWe
S5-0716+71 20110116.760 137 KWe
SN2011B    20110116.892 129 KWe

   By the way, the present magnitude of SN 2011B is close to the expected
maximum magnitude of an SN Ia at this distance.  I hope SN specialists,
such as Yamaoka-san, could make regular follow-up postings to
vsnet-campaign-sn so that readers won't miss important events!

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