[vsnet-alert 12696] OT J053012.3-285022 = Catalina transient / bright outburst in 2008

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Jan 24 10:22:04 JST 2011

OT J053012.3-285022 = Catalina transient

   CRTS has detected a new CV in outburst (=SSS110123:053012-285022).
The CRTS data indicate that the object underwent an even brighter outburst
(mag 14.4) in 2008 Oct.  This 2008 outburst was also recorded with ASAS.

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20081024.3019 13.784V  (ASAS (Pojmanski, G. 2002, Acta Astron. 52,397))
  20081027.2961 14.154V  (ASAS (Pojmanski, G. 2002, Acta Astron. 52,397))

SSS110123:053012-285022 http://nesssi.cacr.caltech.edu/SSS/20110123/1101230290374118382.html 05 30 12.28 -28 50 22.3 15.56 No SDSS object CV

   Given this presence of a bright outburst (reaching at least V=13.8),
the object appears to be an SU UMa-type dwarf nova.
Further observations are encouraged!

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