[vsnet-alert 12732] Re: OT J064804.5+414702

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sat Jan 29 13:15:20 JST 2011

Re: OT J064804.5+414702

> CSS110128:064805+414702 - mag 15.7

> Initial unfiltered images from Astrokolkhoz show that 
> CSS110128:064805+414702 is at approx. mag 15.7  at  (J2000)   06 48 
> 04.48  +41 47 02.0.

   We use OT J064804.5+414702 designation here.  This is the second known
outburst of this object (CSS091026:064805+414702 would be still better
for a unique CSS-based designation).

   Hope you catch superhumps!

[vsnet-alert 11608] OT J064804.5+414702

OT J064804.5+414702 = Catalina transient

   This transient (CSS091026:064805+414702) has a relatively large
outburst amplitude (4.8 mag).  The object may have been still rising
during the CRTS observation, or there was significant intranight variation.
Time-resolved photometry would be encouraged.

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