[vsnet-alert 13105] Catalina OT J132900.9-365859 observations

Berto Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Wed Apr 6 22:40:27 JST 2011

Unfiltered CCD observations of Catalina OT J132900.9-365859 were done on two 
nights between 4 and 6 April 2011 from CBA Klein Karoo / ex CBA Pretoria.

This transient is now around magnitude 16.5R. It is not visible on DSS-red 
images (>20.5R), hence an outburst jump of over 4 magnitudes.

Superhumps with amplitude 0.45R (mean mini-max / range) are seen in the 
light curve. The mean s/hump period over 24h was 0.07093d +/- 0.001 
(estimated) with an 0.1R magnitude brightness drop over 24h.

This is very likely a faint outbursting dwarf nova of type UGSU.

Berto Monard / CBA KK

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