[vsnet-alert 13136] Re: MisV1444 - possible new peculiar variable?

Seiichi Yoshida comet at aerith.net
Mon Apr 11 08:02:54 JST 2011

Dear Arai-san and colleagues,

Thank you very much for your spectrum observation. I see that MisV1444
is a Mira type.

I guess the POSS2 Blue plate was taken around the maximum, and the
POSS2 Infrared plate and the 2MASS images were taken around the
minimum. So those data do not look like a Mira type...

Thank you very much for everyone who worked on this star. I will
create a web page on this star at the MISAO Project web site in the
near future.

Best regards,

> We obtained optical spectra of MisV1444 on April 10 (tonight) using
> 1.3m Araki-telescope at Koyama Astronomical Observatory.
> Spectra of the object show TiO band features clearly on a red continuum
> light.  Our results suggest that MisV1444 might be a Mira variable star.
> Our preliminary spectra is shown in our blog:
> http://www.cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp/~kao/blog/index.php/view/82
> Regards,
> Akira Arai,
> Koyama Astron. Obs.,
> Kyoto Sangyo Univ.

Seiichi Yoshida
comet at aerith.net

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