[vsnet-alert 13849] T Tau type variable MisV1441 is brightening rapidly

Seiichi Yoshida comet at aerith.net
Sun Nov 13 17:19:10 JST 2011

Dear colleagues,

MisV1441, a T Tau type variable, a young stellar object with an
H-alpha emission in a star forming region, is brightening rapidly.


    R.A.  20h50m50s.42
    Decl. +44o50'11".7  (2000.0)
    Mag.  14.66-17.65R	
    Type  INSB?
  = HBHA 50-20
  = IPHAS J205050.39+445011.7

It reached up to 14.66 mag on Oct. 28. Such a bright state is after an
interval of two years and four months from 2009 July.

The brightest record of this star is 14.4 mag on May 20, 2008. The
record may be broken.

Here are the recent observations:

2011 Oct. 28.799    14.66  CR  Diego Rodriguez
2011 Oct. 18.46877  15.0   C   Youichirou Nakashima
2011 Sept.23.54782  15.7   C   Youichirou Nakashima
2011 Sept.10.53315  15.9   C   Youichirou Nakashima
2011 Aug.  8.916    15.96  R   Diego Rodriguez
2011 July 19.992    16.38  R   Adolfo San Segundo

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida
comet at aerith.net

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