[vsnet-alert 13897] Outburst detection by "Pi of the Sky"

Marcin Sokolowski Marcin.Sokolowski at fuw.edu.pl
Sat Nov 26 08:09:54 JST 2011

M.Sokolowski,T.Batsch,A.Majcher,A.Majczyna,K.Nawrocki,J.Uzycki,G.Wrochna (NCNR,Swierk),
M.Cwiok,L.W.Piotrowski,A.F.Zarnecki (University of Warsaw),
K.Malek,L.Mankiewicz,R.Opiela,M.Siudek,V.Repei (CFT PAN),
G.Kasprowicz,M.Zaremba (Warsaw University of Technology),
from the "Pi of the Sky" collaboration ( http://grb.fuw.edu.pl ).
M.Jelinek, P.Kubanek, J.C.Tello and A.J.Castro-Tirado
(IAA-CSIC Granada) on behalf of a larger collaboration.

The wide field "Pi of the Sky North" apparatus installed in the BOOTES-1
station at ESAt/INTA-CEDEA in Mazagon (Huelva, Spain;
http://grb.fuw.edu.pl/pi/index.html#piinta_site.htm )
identified an outburst within its field of view at 23:28:38 UT
on November 24, 2011. New source was visible at position (J2000):

   RA 04h13m27.15s , DEC -01 deg 39  min 29 sec

and the magnitude measured from the 10s unfiltered exposures was:

    Mag     Start time (10s exposure)
  12.0181    23:28:26
  11.8029    23:28:38
  12.0093    23:28:51
  11.8858    23:29:04
  12.2386    23:29:16
  12.2768    23:29:29

where magnitude is based on the reference star magnitude in V filter.
No object was visible at this position at earlier times. The limit from
20 coaded frames was 12.5 mag.
The measured position coincides within estimated position error
of about 10 arcsec with 2MASS J04132663-0139211 star:

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