[vsnet-alert 14696] OT J231142.8+204036: new SU UMa star

Gianluca Masi gianluca at bellatrixobservatory.org
Sun Jun 24 19:17:14 JST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

last night we observed this star for about 2.5 hours,
remotely using the 14" unit part of the Virtual Telescope
robotic system, Italy.

The star is clearly showing superhumps, with a full
amplitude of about 0.2 mag. The star faded during the run of
about 0.2 mag. From the data, we can roughly estimate a
value for Psh of about 2 hours.

Data will be sent to Kyoto for analysis.

Gianluca Masi
Francesca Nocentini

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