[vsnet-alert 14710] MASTER OT J211258.65+242145.4: early superhumps period

Gianluca Masi gianluca at bellatrixobservatory.org
Wed Jun 27 23:21:34 JST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

last night we obtained 3.5 hours of photometry of this OT, under very good sky 
conditions, remotely using the 14" unit part of the Virtual Telescope robotic 
facility, in Italy.

The lightcurve is still showing a double-wave modulation, with a full amplitude 
of 0.1 mag. The star was 0.2 mag fainter than the previous night.

Combing our two nights of data, we performed a period search by PDM, finding a 
candidate of 1.43(1) hours.

The full available dataset is plotted here:

Data were sent to Kyoto for analysis.

Best regards
Gianluca Masi
Francesca Nocentini

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