[vsnet-alert 14714] Re: (fwd) nova candidate discovery - India

Brian Skiff bas at lowell.edu
Thu Jun 28 10:02:03 JST 2012

     This is indeed the well-catalogued red star, a Mira variable
in fact, IRAS 18322-1921.  It is not catalogued as a variable, per se,
but quite obvious. from the ASAS-3 database.  Probably the 'best' 
coordinates are:  18 35 10.48 -19 19 29.8  (J2000) from the 2MASS 
     The ASAS-3 lightcurve shows that the star gets up to V ~13.0,
but fades below the ASAS limit most of the time.  From a rough estimate
of the peaks, the period seems to be around 9 months, very typical
of Miras.
     Anyway, this is not a nova, and Mr. Sharma has caught a very red
star showing up extraordinarily bright in unfiltered CCD images ---
a common beginner's mistake.  Better luck next time.


On Thu, 2012-06-28 at 09:08 +0900, Taichi Kato wrote:
> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 11:40:44 +0530
> Subject: Probable nova candidate discovery - India
> From: Amar Sharma <amar10sharma at gmail.com>

> Here are the exact coordinates of the most likely nova candidate.
> RA: 18h 35m 10.54s and DEC: -19=B0 19' 30"
> Constellation: Sagittarius. Proximity of open star cluster M25.
> Estimated magnitude (unfiltered) with Photometry tool from Maxim DL =3D App=
> .
> 11.5 mag
> Image was taken un-filtered.


> Interestingly SIMBAD lists a 17 Mag IR (infrared) source at the same
> location as my suspect. Its called IRAS 18322-1921.

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