[vsnet-alert 14729] MisV1448 preliminary period

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 22:10:41 JST 2012

I have measured all 150 images from the second night of Fabio
Martinelli observations at Montecatini (June 30/July 01). Combining
them with the data from the first night (June 28/29) I have obtained
the preliminary value of period equal to 0.1834(12)d, or 4.40 hr. This
value is formally the best one using both Lafler-Kinman and Deeming
methods, but due to rather short coverage on both nights other daily
aliases are possible. Also, since the nature of this variable is not
certain yet, I am cautious to say whether it is an orbital or a
rotational period. After all, it can be a contact binary merger event.
2MASS J-K color 0.68+/-0.10 formally corresponds to K5-K7 spectral
type of the progenitor.

Also I should note that the light curve on the second night shows a
brightening by 0.5m in the course of observations - not by 0.4m as I
have written before. The report in [vsnet-alert 14721] was based on
the quick analysis of the incomplete set of observations (I simply
could not open all files for photometry being limited by the memory of
my PC).

And yet another Corrigendum from the yesterday's report. In the
beginning of the 4th paragraph, instead of "On May 25" and so on
please read "On June 25 the variable was observed three times by
MASTER-Kislovodsk". In the 3rd paragraph, for "plates ... was checked"
read  "plates ... were checked", and for "R2=eha16.99" read

Best regards,

Denis Denisenko

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