[vsnet-alert 14956] HV Aur faint outburst

Seiichi Yoshida comet at aerith.net
Sun Sep 30 10:40:02 JST 2012

Dear colleagues,

We detected that a dwarf nova HV Aur in outburst at 16.3 mag on
Sept. 25.69 (UT) from Youichirou Nakashima's survey images with
Canon 500-mm f/4.5 camera lens + SBIG ST-8 in the course of the MISAO

The brightness range of HV Aur is 14.7-<19 mag in the GCVS. So it is a
faint outburst, or maybe on the way to the peak?

AURHV 20120925.68574 163C Mis
AURHV 20120925.68711 164C Mis
AURHV 20120925.68981 162C Mis

We also detected KV And on Sept. 25, already reported on Sept. 23 from
Mike Simonsen. 

ANDKV 20120925.59211 149C Mis
ANDKV 20120925.59346 146C Mis
ANDKV 20120925.59481 146C Mis
ANDKV 20120925.59618 148C Mis

Best regards,

Seiichi Yoshida
comet at aerith.net

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