[vsnet-alert 15329] Next HST observations: IR Com & BB Dor

Boris Gaensicke Boris.Gaensicke at warwick.ac.uk
Fri Feb 1 18:49:17 JST 2013

Dear All,

yesterday HST observed SDSS1005+1911, all went well,
and we obtained a textbook spectrum of an accreting
white dwarf ... exactly what the whole program is focused
on. This is particularly interesting, as it seems to have
a fairly low accretion rate given it's rather long (111min)
period. Thank you very much for the monitoring you

And now to the next target(s): firm on the schedule
is IR Com,

Feb 8, 2013 00:38:46 	to Feb 8, 2013 05:57:49

please keep a close eye (V-band snapshots of
its magnitude) on this eclipsing SU UMa
type dwarf nova until that date, and in particular
2-3 days before the HST observations.

The other star that needs a  more attention
is BB Dor: A VY Scl star that  entered a low state
last December. We managed to get BB Dor
on the HST schedule,

Feb 13, 2013 20:57:03  to	Feb 13, 2013 23:53:50

so, those of you with a view of the southern sky,
could you please monitor BB Dor (V-band
snapshots) for the next two weeks?

Knowing our luck with those VY Scl stars, it
may decide to become bright again the day
before the HST observations... but maybe
we are lucky this time.

All the best,


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