[vsnet-alert 15354] Two bright CVs by MASTER (14.5m)

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 18:07:44 JST 2013

Just published in ATel #4790:

Two bright OTs detected by MASTER
V. Yecheistov, S. Shurpakov, D. Denisenko et al.

MASTER OT J070740.72+702630.0 - new bright CV in Camelopardalis
  20130205.415  145C  MASTER-Amur
  20130205.447  145C  MASTER-Amur

This one was found by Vsevolod Yecheistov. There is a faint blue star
in GSC 2.3.2:
RA=07 07 40.633, Dec=+70 26 30.25, Fmag=19.90, jmag=20.72

5'x'5 DSS (BRIR) finder chart:
Discovery and reference images:

Also an UV counterpart GALEX J070740.7+702629 (FUV=N/A,
NUV=20.87+/-0.22). Likely a new SU UMa variable.

And 7 hours later yet another one was found by Sergey Shurpakov, also a 14.5m.

MASTER OT J123526.99+163030.9 - new bright CV in Coma Berenices
  20130205.697  145C  MASTER-Amur
  20130205.728  145C  MASTER-Amur

The object is identical to the star SDSS J123526.92+163031.2:
u=21.99(15), g=22.00(7), r=21.79(7), i=22.24(16), z=21.87(43).

Discovery and reference images:

Since the amplitude is more than 7m, this one is likely a new WZ Sge dwarf nova.

Photometric time series for both objects are encouraged.

Denis Denisenko on behalf of MASTER team

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