[vsnet-alert 15371] Info about GR Ori

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Feb 12 09:32:27 JST 2013

Info about GR Ori

   From PASJ 64, 63:

   The object was discovered as a possible nova in 1916 \citep{thi16grori}.
It was recorded at a photographic magnitude of 11.5 on January 30
and gradually faded to 12.5 on February 7, and further faded to 13.0
on February 30.  The object has long been considered as a distant nova
(\cite{mcl45novadist}; \cite{due85halonova}), although there was a
suggestion of a dwarf nova \citep{bru57DNatlas}.
During a ``reconnaissance program'' of old suspected novae,
\citet{rob00oldnova} identified GR Ori as a 22.8 mag blue object.
The present identification by the SDSS data has confirmed this
identification.  Although the result of neural-network analysis was
inconclusive due to faintness of the object, the color (especially
the $u-g$ color) resembles those of WZ Sge-type dwarf novae.
The relatively rapid decline, especially at the late epoch of the outburst,
seems to strengthen this classification.

   VSOLJ has 489 negative observations from 1987 Oct. to 2001 Sep.

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