[vsnet-alert 15580] Re: IU Leo (HS1055+0939) in outburst

szkody at astro.washington.edu szkody at astro.washington.edu
Thu Apr 4 15:15:54 JST 2013

Thanks for the heads-up on this object, Gordon. The actual obs is
planned for Apr 18-21 (which gives us a few more days for it to go
back to quiescence so hope its not a SOB). The first obs is one
the HST folks put in so they can drop it out if its in outburst.
Then there is another hold at 24 hrs before the real obs that they
need to erase if the ground measurement comes in.

RZ Leo is the next target on Apr 11 (with Apr 8 as the first hold time).

Cheers, Paula

On Wed, 3 Apr 2013, Gordon Myers wrote:

> IU Leo (HS1055+0939) is in outburst.  It jumped from 15.20 to 13.16 (CV)
> between UT April 1.17 and April 4.17.
> The HST observation is planned for April 15th.
> Gordon
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> Subject: Any IY UMa measurements tonight?
> HI, we are in the critical 24 hrs for the HST decision to go ahead and there
> does not seem to be any observations listed for tonight.
> If any of you are observing, please send in a magnitude for IY UMa if you
> can, or email a measurement to me and Anjum as Boris is off email this week.
> Thanks for all your help.
> Paula

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