[vsnet-alert 15588] Re: IGR J18245-2452 in M28, possible bright optical counterpart

Erik Kuulkers erik.kuulkers at sciops.esa.int
Sat Apr 6 06:00:23 JST 2013

Dear all,

This is very interesting and would deserve an ATel, I think.

Best regards,

Erik Kuulkers

Op 5 apr. 2013 om 18:05 heeft Berto Monard <bmonard at mweb.co.za> het volgende geschreven:

> RE: IGR J18245-2452 (ATel 4925/E Bozzo and later Atels)
> Images of M28 were taken at the Kleinkaroo Observatory before and after the alert by INTEGRAL. They  show a brightened star at position (2000)
> 18 24 32.93 -24 51 59.6 (astrometric uncertainty of less than 0.5 arcsec (<0.03 in RA and <0.5 in Decl)) as measured against UCAC2. This
> star is located about 10 arcsec North of the clusters 'apparent' centre.
> Photometry of the unfiltered CCD images gives magnitudes of 12.70 and 11.76 CR on dates UT 2013 Mar 22.140 and April 5.138 respectively.
> It's not impossible that it concerns a new object coinciding with a previously existing star but it's very likely that this is the optical counterpart of the reported transient.
> Further observations will be carried out, including timeseries photometry to probe for any optical variability.
> Note: the fact that an image was taken just one week before the activities is coincidental  ;-) .
> Berto Monard / Kleinkaroo Observatory

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