[vsnet-alert 15897] ASAS-SN Transients Update 2013/07/02

Krzysztof (Kris) Stanek kstanek at astronomy.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jul 3 05:11:29 JST 2013

ASAS-SN 2013 July 02 transients update:

Added 1 new objects and 2 known object (see list below). ASASSN-13ba
might be a giant M-dwarf flare!

For the objects already in ASAS-SN transient list, QU Aqr is stil
there (V=16.4), SDSSJ204720.76+000007.7 is still there (V=16.1),
HS1857+7127 is still there (V=15.8), TX Tri is still there (V=15.1)
and blazar PMN_J2345-1555 is getting brighter (V=15.0).

Object added            RA (J2000)    DEC (J2000)  Disc. Date   Approx. V mag

CSS100407:145502+143815 223.75934       14.63797        6476    15.8
ASASSN-13ba              19.25235       -5.10127        6476    12.3
CSS101007:000938-121017   2.40895      -12.17080        6476    14.8



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