[vsnet-alert 15939] Re: [SPAM] [vsnet-outburst 15593] V660 Her possible superoutburst

Maciej Reszelski macres at pro.onet.pl
Tue Jul 9 06:16:51 JST 2013

Outburst confirmation:

HERV660      20130702.9223      <16.2CR  RMQ
HERV660      20130705.9110      14.55CR   RMQ
HERV660      20130705.9103       14.6CR   RMQ
HERV660      20130706.9413      15.01CR   RMQ

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Subject: [SPAM] [vsnet-outburst 15593] V660 Her possible superoutburst

V660 Her possible superoutburst

  The outburst is young enough.  Time-resolved photometry is encouraged
(particularly for detecting stage A superhumps).

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20130703.991  <152  (Gary Poyner)
  20130706.090  <15.55V  (Miguel Rodriguez)
  20130707.084  14.54V  (Miguel Rodriguez)

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