[vsnet-alert 15955] V1323 Her deep fading

Pavol A. Dubovsky var at kozmos.sk
Thu Jul 11 04:53:01 JST 2013

I observed the intermediate polar V1323 Her = 1RXS J180340.0+401214 in
recent 6 years regularly. The usual brightness of the object was 17.0 -
17.5 in Rc filter. In last night the object faded significantly. Here
are some mean magnitudes from night runs:

V1323 Her 20130511.944 17.4 (0.2) R DPV
V1323 Her 20130703.833 20.6 (0.4) R DPV
V1323 Her 20130704.893 19.9 (0.4) CR DPV
V1323 Her 20130707.932 20.5 (0.6) CR DPV
V1323 Her 20130709.889 20.0 (0.3) CR DPV

1 meter telescope used. Apparently bigger telescope is needed to follow
this episode. And continuous monitoring to find the recovery.

Pavol A. Dubovsky
AO Kolonica Saddle

PS: sorry for the previous incomplete alert

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