[vsnet-alert 15970] Re: Next HST observations: HS2214+2845 (V513 Peg) & OT J213806.6+261957

Brian Skiff bas at lowell.edu
Sat Jul 13 03:19:02 JST 2013

     For what it's worth, comparison of POSS-I plate-scans
with recent images clearly show that the cv has modest
proper motion, and is presently the southeastern of the
optical pair.  The SDSS DR9 astrometry indicates a 
separation of 2".5 at epoch 2009.8, which is increasing.


> OTJ213806.6+261957 was discovered as a bright WZ Sge
> dwarf nova in May 2010, reaching V~8.5, the only other
> outburst found on historic plates was in 1942. This CV has
> a nearby (~1.5") visual companion, a red / low-mass star,
> that is somewhat brighter than the CV in the V-band,
> whereas the CV wins at shorter wavelengths (U-band,
> and in the ultraviolet where HST will observe).
> You will probably struggle to resolve the two stars, thus
> please report the combined magnitude for both, which is
> V~15 when OTJ213806.6+261957 is in quiescence.

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