[vsnet-alert 16531] TCP J09190347-0900518: new CV candidate (14 mag) in Hya

Patrick Schmeer pasc1312-aavso at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 14 15:40:50 JST 2013

TCP J09190347-0900518

Koichi Itagaki (Yamagata, Japan) reports his discovery of a new variable at
R.A. 09h19m03.47s, Decl. -09o00'51.8" (J2000.0)
Unfiltered magnitudes: 2013 Oct. 7.795 UT, [15.3, 13.8395 UT, 14.3

This variable appears to be identical to the following (blue) object:

USNO-B1.0 0809-0199336
R.A. 09h19m03.469s, Decl. -09o00'52.07" (J2000.0)
B1= 19.26 mag, R1= 18.90 mag

WISE J091903.48-090052.1
R.A. 09h19m03.485s, Decl. -09o00'52.10" (J2000.0)
W1= 16.524 mag

If this identification is correct, then the outburst amplitude is (at least) 5 magnitudes.


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