[vsnet-alert 16676] Re: PNV J13544700-5909080 Centauri

walcom77 walcom77 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 04:26:17 JST 2013

> For such cases in the future, it would seem preferable
> to take exposures of just 1- or 2-seconds, rather than 60s.
> You need only a handful of reference stars for the astrometry,
> and thus a minimal exposure in hopes of not totally overexposing
> the target.

Yes, that was the idea. The first 60-second exposure image was only to
have a deep image of the field for the blog. Unfortunately, just after
the starting of the imaging session, clouds suddenly covered the area
where the nova is located. So it has been not possible to proceed with
the planned shorter filtered exposures.


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