[vsnet-alert 16714] V854 Cen Possible Decline Onset

Peter F Williams pfwilliams at onaustralia.com.au
Sat Dec 14 16:21:18 JST 2013

Hi All,

As a slight distraction from V1369 Cen, the bright nova in Centaurus, the
RCB star V854 Cen has fallen outside its normal range at maximum which may
indicate another decline onset.  Near magnitude 8 seems to be the cut off
point for declines of this RCB star so observations over the next week or
two will confirm if V854 Cen is indeed fading.

Two recent visual observations:

CENV854    20131130.712    74    WPX
CENV854    20131213.694    80    WPX

Tks and regards

Peter Williams
Heathcote NSW
10x50mm binoculars

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