[vsnet-alert 16720] 1RXS J161659.5+620014 outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 13:00:00 JST 2013

This X-ray selected dwarf nova in Draco found by P. Balanutsa in
archival data as MASTER OT J161700.81+620024.9 (see arxiv:1307.7396
and [vsnet-alert 16079] for more details) is in outburst on
MASTER-Kislovodsk images for the first time after the discovery:

1RXS J161659.5+620014 = SDSS J161700.91+620024.8
  20131218.975  14.47C  MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20131218.976  14.53C  MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20131218.977  14.54C  MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20131219.007  14.60C  MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20131219.008  14.61C  MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20131219.009  14.70C  MASTER-Kislovodsk

Coordinates: 16 17 00.8 +62 00 25 (14" from ROSAT X-ray position).

Orbital period is unknown. Follow up photometry is requested to check
if this outburst is normal or superoutburst. Fading by ~0.2m in 45
minutes can be a sign of superhump.

Archival light curve from MASTER telescopes (as of July 2013):

SDSS has caught this star somewhere in between the quiescence and
outburst with the following colors:

SDSS J161700.91+620024.8 u=16.43 g=16.14 r=16.21 i=16.35 z=16.41

Denis Denisenko
Member of MASTER team at SAI MSU

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