[vsnet-alert 16888] Re: (cba:news) V745 Scorpii in outburst

Berto Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Fri Feb 7 06:06:38 JST 2014


I have made recent observations of V745 Sco in the I band. Preliminary values:

2014 Feb 1.1  13.98 CCD-I
2014 Feb 3.1  13.78 CCD-I

Note that these were typical Ic values for the previous season (range 13.5-14.2). 

If in outburst, it must have started after 3.1 Feb 2014.

I'll surely follow this up tonight.


Berto Monard / CBA Kleinkaroo

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> Hi CBAers,
> Rod Stubbings just reported an outburst of the recurrent nova V745 
> Scorpii, at V=9.0.  The sky placement is mighty unfavorable (1752-33), 
> but these opportunities are mighty rare (only known outbursts in 1937 
> and 1989). Time-series photometry near the peak of a recurrent-nova 
> outburst (probably now) is especially rare.
> joe
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