[vsnet-alert 16996] Re: Next HST observations: BB Ari

Boris Gaensicke Boris.Gaensicke at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Mar 10 06:39:18 JST 2014

Dear All,

after a long break, we are preparing for the last observation of our
HST program: SDSS1006+2337. This is a  dwarf nova, very similar
in all aspects to the old friend U Gem: ~4h period (267min to be
precise), eclipsing, relatively rare outbursts (2-3 per year), and a
clearly detected companion star in the optical spectrum. But, a
fair bit fainter, V~18.4 in quiescence.

Thus, our plan is to observe the white dwarf with HST to determine
its properties, and, as with all the other CVs in the programme, we
need to reassure STScI that the star is in quiescence when HST
will look at it.

The HST observations are currently scheduled for March 20/21, and
it would be fantastic if you could provide daily V-band observations
of SDSS1006+2337. Short snapshots are fine, no need for longer

Best wishes,


For more information on this HST program, see


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